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1 Rewards


1.1 How do I earn rewards in Arkkeo?


You earn a new reward every time you reach a purchase goal set by a business in Arkkeo. Just make purchases normally using the payment card linked to Arkkeo and the app will register your purchases automatically.

1.2 How do I use my rewards?


Activate a reward in the app with a click of a button and make a purchase with a payment card linked to Arkkeo. That’s it. No need to show anything at the cashier. The reward is automatically marked used and you can see your cashback in the Earnings section of the app.


1.3 Where do I find my rewards?


You can find the rewards you have earned under each business you have connected with. Just click the business in the Favorites section. In the Business view, you can click open the reward you are interested in and then activate it.


1.4 How do I activate a reward?


Click the business you are interested in in the Favorites section. In the Business view you can see a list of your rewards. Click open the reward you want to use and activate it by pressing the Activate button. The reward stays active for 24 hours or until you activate some other reward. You can have only one active reward for each business.


1.5 Do I lose my reward if I activate it, but don't make a purchase?


You will not lose the reward. You can still use the reward as long as it's valid. Remember to activate the reward again when you decide to use it later.

1.6 I used a 10 euro reward coupon on a 5 euro purchase. Can I used the remaining 5 euros later?


Reward coupons must be used on a single purchase. We recommend to make a purchase that is worth at least the value of the coupon.


2 Payment Cards


2.1 Why isn't my purchase showing up in Arkkeo?


The most common reasons are:


The purchase was made with a payment card which is not linked with Arkkeo. Remember to link all your cards to avoid missing rewards.


Only one side of your credit/debit combo card is linked with Arkkeo. The number on the front is usually the credit card number. You can find the debit card number on the back of the card. Link both numbers to avoid missing rewards.


Your payment card has not yet been activated in Arkkeo. After you download the app and link your payment card to Arkkeo it takes up to two hours for your payment card to activate in app. There is a notification about the 2 hour delay in the app, and we always recommend to wait at least 2 hours before making your first purchase.

The purchase was made using a mobile payment. Unfortunately, mobile payments are not passed to Arkkeo, so the app will not see the purchases. Remember to use the physical payment card (chip or contactless).


2.2 Why do I get an error message when linking a card?


The most common reasons are:


  • Trying to link a lunch card. Unfortunately, lunch or other prepaid cards do not work in Arkkeo. Please use your normal payment card for purchases.

  • The card number is mistyped. Please check the card number.

  • The CVV number is wrong. Please check the CVV number. Note that a credit/debit combo card usually has separate CVV numbers for the two card numbers.

  • The card has expired. Please make sure that the card is still valid.

  • The card has not been approved for online use. Please check with your bank that the card can be used online.


2.3 Why does it look like I have been charged 0.10€ after linking my card?


To securely verify your card, a 0.10€ authorization hold is made on the card. The authorization will be immediately cancelled and no money ever leaves your account. Some banks still list the authorization in the bank statement as a normal payment for a few days.


2.4 How can I unlink my payment card?

Please contact customer support to remove a payment card:


3 Earnings and cashbacks


3.1 How do I get paid?


Approved cashbacks are automatically paid to your bank account when their sum is at least 20 euros. You can enter your bank account number in the Account section of the app.


3.2 I just used a reward. When do I get my cashback?


You can check the status of your cashbacks in the Earnings section of the app.


  • Pending - Your purchase is waiting to be approved. Because of returns, the purchase can only be approved after 30 days.

  • Approved - The cashback is waiting for payment. When the sum of approved cashbacks is at least 20 euros, they will be paid to your registered bank account at the end of the month.

  • Paid - The cashback has been paid to your bank account.


4 Account


4.1 How can I delete my account?


Please contact customer support to delete your account: