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What if all your loyalty program memberships were in one place?

Arkkeo is an app that organizes your favorite brands, accounts and loyalty programs, giving you instant access and control to maximize your benefits.

Keep track of your favorites

The more accounts you have, the harder it is to keep them in check. All your customer loyalty memberships, cards, points and information such as order history, bills and receipts are safe and always within your reach in Arkkeo.

Service on your terms

When you deal with companies – you need to purchase or browse products and services – you are always entitled to convenient and easy service. Arkkeo enables a direct dialogue between you and the company, anywhere, anytime. Better service is your privilege.

Make sure you receive the benefits you deserve

Active, loyal customers will always be rewarded, even more so in the future. Arkkeo makes sure your relationships are easy, smooth and productive. You’re a valuable customer – get the most out of it!

Get the app

Our app is currently available for iOS and Android devices. Download it now!

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