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Your documents, stored.

Arkkeo automatically stores and archives all the purchase receipts, warranty, insurance, healthcare and travel documents you receive from the businesses and service providers that you deal with.

Automatically stored

Arkkeo automatically stores all your personal documents in one single place. No more paper clutter. No more lost documents.

Always protected

Arkkeo’s SafeConnection™ technology guarantees the safety and security of your personal documents.

Always available

Whether using a desktop computer, tablet or smart phone, you always have your important documents with you.

How it works

Receive and store documents automatically.

Store paper documents

With our mobile app you can quickly scan and safely archive all your important paper documents.

Share documents

Share important personal documents with family members and business associates.

Receive documents from companies

Connect directly with the companies you deal with and start receiving your documents digitally.

Use your documents

Take your documents (e.g. concert tickets) with you and use them wherever you are.

One place

From receipts and invoices to insurance papers and warranties, Arkkeo archives all your important documents for good.


Documents from companies and service providers are automatically sent to your Arkkeo account.


Arkkeo syncs your documents across devices. Your documents are always available, even when your mobile network isn’t.

Always available

Whether using a desktop, tablet or smart phone, you always have your important documents with you.

Arkkeo is everywhere

Whether using a desktop computer, tablet and smart phone, Arkkeo makes sure that your documents are always with you wherever you go. Whenever you need to review an important document or display a ticket to access an event, Arkkeo offers a quick and easy way to access those documents independent of the device you are using. With Arkkeo, life is simply easy.

Supported companies and service providers

Receive documents from these and other great companies and service providers.

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